FH-2142 Micro Servo
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FH-2142 Micro Servo

●Operating Voltage: DC4.8-6.0 V
●Operating Temperature Range: -10 to + 60°
●Operating Speed (4.8V): 0.09sec/60°
●Operating Speed (6V): 0.08 sec/60°
●Stall Torque (4.8V): 3.2kg.cm
●Stall Torque (6V): 4.2kg.cm
●Potentiometer Drive: Direct Drive
●Dimensions: 23X12X27.6 mm
●Weight: 20.3 g (0.72oz)


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Product Description

-- High performance programmable digital  servo
-- High-precision Taiwan-made aluminium gears with hard anodizing
-- Full CNC aluminium SHell structure

-- Dual ball bearings

Dead band: 1μs
Motor: coreless motor
Working frequence: 1520μs / 330hz
Operating Voltage:  DC4.8~6.0 V
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to + 60° 
Operating Speed (4.8V): 0.09sec/60°
Operating Speed (6V): 0.08 sec/60°
Stall Torque (4.8V): 3.2kg.cm 
Stall Torque (6V): 4.2kg-cm 
Potentiometer Drive: Direct Drive
Dimensions: 23X12X27.6 mm
Weight:  20.3 g (0.72oz)
Connector Wire Length: JR  220 mm
Bearing: 2BB

Control System(控制系统) Pulse Width Modulation Control 1520 μsec
Operation Voltage Range(工作电压) 4.8V ~6.0V
Operation Temperature Range(工作温度) -10C°~ +50C°
Circle(寿命) 12000 times
Operation Travel(操作角度) 120°±10°
Limit angle (极限角度) 180°± 10°
Direction(信号脉宽范围) Re-clock wise/ Pulse Travel 800→2200 μsec
Diver type(马达驱动) IC Drive
Motor Type(马达类型) Coreless
Potentiometer Type(电位器处理方式) Direct Drive
Amplifier Type(信号处理方式) Digital Control
Dimensions(规格) 23X12X27.6mm 
Weight:(重量) 20.3± 5g  (without servo horn)
Test Voltage:(测试电压) At 4.8V At 6.0V
Standing Torque(最大扭力) 3.2 kg-cm 4.2kg-cm
Speed(空载转速) 0.09sec/60° 0.08 sec/60°
Idle Current(空载电流) 120  mA 150   mA
Running Current(负载电流) 800mA 900mA
Dead band width(死区) 1 usec 1 usec
Ball Bearing(轴承) 2BB
Gear Material(齿轮材料) Steel gears
Case Material(舵机外壳材料) Nylon plus fiber
Connector Wire Length(线长) 220 ± 5 mm
Connector Wire Gauge(线材型号) 28awg PVC
Wire Info (Brown) Negative
Wire Info (Red) Positive
Wire Info (Yellow) S Single

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