H500 Helicopter Motor
  • Air ProH500 Helicopter Motor
  • Air ProH500 Helicopter Motor
  • Air ProH500 Helicopter Motor
  • Air ProH500 Helicopter Motor
  • Air ProH500 Helicopter Motor

H500 Helicopter Motor

●Weight: 253.3g (including the cables)
●Motor Size: 43.5x44.5mm
●Stator Diameter: 35mm
●Stator Height: 24mm
●Shaft Diameter: 5.0mm
●Motor Mount: 25*25mm(M3*4)

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Product Description

Kv: 1600KV
Max current: 80Amps
Max Power: 1700watts
Idle current:  3.2Amps
Resistance: 0.0183Ω
Shaft:  5.0mm
Weight:  235.3g
Suggested ESC: 80A
Cell count: 3-6s Lipoly (Voltage)
Bolt holes spacing:25 X25mm(M3*4)
Bolt thread: M3X8

Connection: 4.0mm Bullet-connector

 电机 KV  Motor KV 1600RPM/V 
 空载电流  Idle Current (Io/10V) 3.1A
 锂电节数  Lipo Cell 3-6S
 电机重量  Weight 235g
 最大持续电流  Max Continuous Current 85A
 最大持续功率  Max Continuous Power 1900W
 最大峰值电流 Max Peak Current 120A(2seconds)
 最大峰值功率 Max Peak Power 2700W(2seconds)
 槽极数  Configu-ration 9N/6P
 电机内阻  Motor Resistance (RM) 0.017Ω 
 定子直径 Stator Diameter 35mm
 定子厚度 Stator Thickness 24mm
 电机直径  Motor Diameter 43.5mm
 出轴直径 Shaft Diameter 5MM
 电机长度  Motor Body Length 44.8mm
 整体轴长度  Overall Shaft Length 65.8mm
 安装孔间距  Bolt holes spacing 25mm
 安装孔规格  Bolt thread M3
 插头 Connection 4MM
 电机进角 Motor Timing 5deg
 驱动频率 Drive Frequency 8KHz

Connected instructions


1What is the MOQ of the regular item?

A: There isnt MOQ limited for the stock item. But if need to change the color or design, we will set up the MOQ as per the different request.

2If the order quantity is large, if can apply the discount from dealer price?

A: Yes, we will offer our best offer as per the different request.

3If need change anything when the order confirmed, pls how we can do?

A: If you have request, pls contact with us within 2 days when the order was confirmed, otherwise, it cant be cancelled or change any design of motor.

4How long the delivery time?

A: It is about 7 days when the order is confirmed for the regular item.

5What is the leadtime of OEM/OMD order?

A: Normally it is 15-30 days.

6、What is the MOQ of OEM/OMD order?

A: Single color Motor MOQ-200PCS;

 Multicolor Motor MOQ-1000PCS.

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