The landing of drones in the agricultural field


For people, UAVs are mainly based on three aspects of agricultural applications and attract attention:

One is agricultural plant protection. Agricultural plant protection is the most important part of agriculture. It is divided into sowing, watering, spraying, inspection, and harvesting. It is the main component of agricultural development. The value of drones in agricultural plant protection is self-evident. At present, domestic agricultural drones are mainly plant protection machines. Through the application of plant protection machines, young people no longer have to face the loess and back to the sky.
The second is agricultural surveying and mapping. The development of smart agriculture is inseparable from agricultural surveying and mapping. Agricultural surveying and mapping can not only help farmers to carry out agricultural production, but also help rural governments to confirm land rights and agricultural management. In the past, agricultural surveying and mapping generally used manual surveying or remote sensing technology, but these methods are far from the ease, convenience, accuracy, safety, intelligence and cheapness of UAV surveying and mapping.
The third is rural logistics. The development of smart agriculture lies not only in production and management, but also in sales. Due to the constraints of terrain, environment, technical funds and other factors in rural areas, the road transportation infrastructure is backward and the logistics development is insufficient, so the sales of agricultural products are always hindered. In this context, the rise and development of UAV distribution will undoubtedly bring a huge upgrade to the rural logistics system.
To sum up, the value of drones for smart agriculture is mainly displayed in three aspects of agricultural production, management and services. Through important blessings in agricultural plant protection, agricultural surveying and mapping and rural logistics, it can promote the comprehensive intelligent upgrade of traditional agriculture. It is precisely because of this that the application of drones in the agricultural field will be widely favored by people.