Helical Hear Servo to be Released!


FLASH HOBBY released the new series- helical gear servo.

According to the demand of the market, FLASH HOBBY has two series size for the helical gear servo, one size is 40x20x38mm, another size is 40x20x40.5mm now, and with waterproof function.

The working voltage support 6V to 14.8V now, and has below items for selection:

BLS4037RP  37kg brushless servo

BLS4048RP 48kg brushless servo

BLS4058RP 58kg brushless servo

CLS4038RP 38kg coreless servo

CLS4050RP 50kg coreless servo

CLS4060RP 60kg coreless servo

BLS3837MED 37kg brushless servo

BLS3848MED 48kg brushless servo

BLS3858MED 58kg brushless servo

CLS3838MED 38kg coreless servo

CLS3850MED 50kg coreless servo

CLS3860MED 60kg coreless servo

BLS4050MED (3S) 12.6V brushless servo

BLS4060MED (4S) 14.8V brushless servo

These servos are with below FEATURE:

●Programmable PWM Digital Amplifier
●32-Bit MCU
●High Precision Helical Gear
●Wide Operating Voltage (6.0 ~ 8.4 Volts DC)
●Dual Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft
●25-Tooth Output Spline
●High Quality Motor
●Diamond Cut Aluminum Heat Sink Shell
●Water Resistant and Waterproof Case
●Mode Compatible Sanwa SSR, NB4 and Futaba mode

Programmable Functions
●End Point Adjustments
●Fail Safe
●Dead Band
●Speed (Slower)
●Soft Start Rate
●Overload Protection
●Data Save / Load
●Program Reset

Helica gears will be with small false space, high bite, low noise and hgiht smoothness, that is why we release these series.