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Multirotor Motor

Flash Hobby is a manufacturer who specializing in the producing and marketing of multirotor motor.

Our factory is equipped with 8 Motor Winding Machines, 3 Dynamic balancing machines, 6 Internal resistance device, 5 Multi-function tester, Flash Hobby has become a long-term and stable cooperative partner for many retailers.
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D4215 RC Brushless Motor

D4215 RC Brushless Motor

●Weight: 83g (including the cables)
●Motor Size:42*15mm
●Stator Diameter: 36mm
●Stator Height: 8mm
●Shaft Diameter: 4mm
●Mounting Screw Pattern: 16x19mm(M3*4)
●Configuration: 12N14P
●Motor Cable: 18#AWG 200mm
●KV Value: 650KV or customed KV
●Recommend: 10~12 inch prop application
●NSK Bearing
●6082 Aluminum bell

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MT8108 RC Brushless Motor

MT8108 RC Brushless Motor

●Weight: 240g (including the cables)
●Motor Size:86.8*26.6mm
●Stator Diameter: 81mm
●Stator Height: 8mm
●Shaft Diameter: 8mm
●Mounting Screw Pattern: 30x30mm(M3*4)
●Configuration: 24N22P
●Motor Cable: 20#AWG 90mm
●KV Value: 100KV, 135KV or customed KV
●Recommend: 20~28 inch prop application
●NSK Bearing

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BE1806 RC Brushless Motor

BE1806 RC Brushless Motor

●Weight: 23g (including the cables)
●Motor Size:23 x 21.5mm
●Stator Diameter: 18mm
●Stator Height: 6mm
●Shaft Diameter: 3mm
●Mounting Screw Pattern: 12x16mm(M3*4)
●Motor Cable:22#AWG 150mm
●NSK Bearing
●6061 Aluminum bell
●KV Value: 1400KV, 2300KV, 2700KV or customed KV
●Recommend: 4~6 inch prop application

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Multirotor Motor is produced by our factory. As the manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer advanced Multirotor Motor in high quality for wholesalers. If you want to buy, contact us for price list and we will send you quotation.