2836-Fixed-Wing-3D-RC-Drone-Motor from Flash Hobby factory are in high quality. As one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China, we make advanced 2836-Fixed-Wing-3D-RC-Drone-Motor for wholesalers. Contact us for price list and we will send you quotation.
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D2836EVO Fixed Wing Motor

D2836EVO Fixed Wing Motor

Flash Hobby is a D2836EVO Fixed Wing Motor manufacturer and supplier in China.
●Weight: 88.6g(Including wires)
●Motor Size: 28 x36mm
●Shaft Size: 4.0*51.0mm
●Stator Diameter: 22mm
●Stator Height: 17mm
●Motor Mount: 16*19mm(M3*4)
●Configuration: 12N14P
●KV Value: 750KV, 850KV,1100KV,1450KV or customed KV

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